Deep Sigh

So…now I kinda wanna die. No amount of therapy can heal the shit of someone else’s. Of my own. Of the world’s. I do. I do wanna die. That’s what I think. But it’s not exactly what I want. Not what I need. I wanna succeed. I wanna prove my haters wrong. I wanna seeContinue reading “Deep Sigh”

Do It Anyway

Finish strong. Finish well. Even if it seems excessive. Even if it seems unnecessary. Even if others are coasting to the finish line. Even if it looks strange. Even if you’re not “first.” Even if someone’s finished before you. Even if you’re unsure. Finish strong. Finish well.


Ah, Saturday. For me, it’s typically the first of a two-day weekend. Just wrapped up a five-day run with work. Now you can put that aside for a few days; you ain’t gotta worry about the boss or “work work.” Yes! Saturday. A free day to chill…or catch up/do on “all the things,” right? Laundry.Continue reading “Pause”

Say What?

It’s 2020, and I think it’s safe to say that NOBODY predicted August 13, 2020 would be looking quite like this. We’re still in the middle of a deadly pandemic that’s taken so many lives. It’s an important election year. Because of COVID, the economy has taken a hit. Schools are ramping back up, in-personContinue reading “Say What?”

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