Deep Sigh

So…now I kinda wanna die.

No amount of therapy can heal the shit of someone else’s.

Of my own.

Of the world’s.

I do. I do wanna die.

That’s what I think.

But it’s not exactly what I want. Not what I need.

I wanna succeed.

I wanna prove my haters wrong.

I wanna see my baby ❤️.

Yeah, I really hope it’s a girl 🥰🥰🥰.

Whew, I guess I just needed to get that out.

To get the burn outta my chest.

To get the hurt outta my heart.

With each line, I’m releasing a little more.

And allowing bits of hope to come in.

Hope, please. You’re welcome. Make yourself at home.

To better moments.

To better days.

To better.

You can do this, Mae. You’ve got this.

There are folks who love you and appreciate you for who you are.

Life’s hard. Yes.

You’re strong.

You’re resilient.

You can do this.

Take heart. Always, Love.

Published by flatfootedresponse

Just a girl...well, woman. Looking to help and inspire. Make better.

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