Say What?

It’s 2020, and I think it’s safe to say that NOBODY predicted August 13, 2020 would be looking quite like this. We’re still in the middle of a deadly pandemic that’s taken so many lives. It’s an important election year. Because of COVID, the economy has taken a hit. Schools are ramping back up, in-person or virtually. Race, especially pertaining to the lives of black people, is at the forefront of uncomfortable discussions. Y’all…not to mention KOBE IS GONE. Y’all…

So what do we do? How do we do/move on?

Honestly, I am coming to realize you just have to. You just have to take each moment one step at a time.

I’m 32. I’m married. I just recently had surgery (yup, during a pandemic). And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little scared by all of the things happening around me.

However, I’m recalling to mind that the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. His mercies never come to an end. Every morning God’s mercies are new. His faithfulness is great.

Whew, thank you, Lord.

I’m not perfect. I’m far from it. But I am thankful for God, Who’s merciful and kind…He allowed me to see a brand new day. He’s graciously turned my heart to see that, even in the midst of chaos, He’s right here and worth acknowledging.

Here’s to the gentle pauses…nothing extravagant…but the simple stop to say, “Thank you, Lord.”

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Just a girl...well, woman. Looking to help and inspire. Make better.

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